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You can machine wash your Bust Cubby on cold with like colors. DO NOT put your Bust Cubby in the dryer. While our tester held up to the dryer, the manufacturer of the inside liner material does not recommend putting it into the dryer. The backside has a laminate which can melt if your dryer gets super hot. If you purchased a Radio Frequency Shield Insert alongside your Bust Cubby, be sure to take it out before washing. RF Shields can be surface cleaned by simply wiping them off.

Yes, there is a small pocket in front of the main pocket which is perfect for all of those items listed. This pocket does not have a water/sweat resistant liner like the main pocket though, so you will want to keep anything that you would like to stay dry and safe in the main pocket. Keep in mind you can purchase the RF/RFID Shield if you would like added protection again those attempting to steal your identity and credit card information. This is also a great addition to add some protection against absorbing Radio Frequency into your skin while wearing it. Many like to keep cash behind the RF shield in the front pocket to keep from handing over sweaty boob money <—-ewwww. Let’s try to keep it classy, gals.

RF is short for Radio Frequency. The RF shield is an important upgrade to those who plan to carry a cell phone or other RF emitting device close to their body. We suggest sliding the shield into the front, smaller pocket of the Bust Cubby in order to ensure you have proper placement and protection, however, if you prefer you can slide it into the main pocket as well. If you choose to put the RF shield in the main pocket, be sure you have the RF shield in between your phone and your body. It’s a shield for goodness sake! The RF shield is made of 100% copper and laminated to protect the copper from breaking down which would result in a decrease of effectiveness. The copper actually causes the RF waves to bounce off the shield, adding a layer of protection to the consumer. We have had our shields tested by 3rd party SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. They confirmed we had a viable shield with up to 93% blockage of RF waves. No other product similar to ours can boast that protection. Be wary of those “bra pockets” who sew the protective lining into their product. With each washing, the RF protection will be gradually broken down, making you more vulnerable to absorption of potentially damaging Radio Frequency waves. Our RF shield should be removed prior to every washing and simply cleaned by wiping off the surface. You can actually add an extra shield to your order and double up your level of protection if you so choose, which many consumers do. It is important when ordering multiple shields to ensure you stack them on top of each other, placing them side by side inside the Bust Cubby. Do NOT surround your phone or electronic device with a RF shield on both sides of the phone. While it seems like a good idea, that method actually does the exact opposite of what you want it to do and can be more harmful than good. Trust us on this one.

We have five sizes available for you to choose from! It’s important you get this part right
because an exchange will cost you more on shipping (all sales final / no returns). No one
wants that, right? If you are considering keeping a phone in your Bust Cubby, please keep
in mind the recommendations listed below are phones without cases unless otherwise
indicated. If you have a particularly large case on your phone like an Otter Box, or one that
is “rubbery” around the edges, you will want to upgrade to the next size up, possibly two
sizes up. Sizes below are the dimensions of the “body only”, which means it does not
include the strap piece at the top which snaps to your bra. If you have any questions about
what size to choose, shoot us an email at convenientwonders@comcast.net. We’ll be
happy to assist you as best we can. If you purchased the wrong size, you can exchange
your Bust Cubby within 3 calendar days of receipt for a different size (same pattern), subject
to additional shipping expense.

SMALL SIZE: Body size is approximately 4 7/8 ” x 3 1/4″ – This size is recommended for
Iphone 4, and similar sized phones (including flip phones). This size is also perfect for your
wallet contents, insulin pump, pepper spray or other smaller items you wish to carry with
you, like keys or lipgloss.

MEDIUM SIZE: Body size is approximately 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ – This size is perfect for an
Iphone 5 & similar sized phones. For width, lay your phone on top of a check book. If the
width (not length) of your phone does not fit on the check, you should order a large.

LARGE SIZE: Body size is approximately 5 1/2 ” x 4″ – This size was originally designed for
Passports, so you get the idea of exactly what can fit inside.

XL SLIM: Body size is approximately 6” x 4” – This is much like the large, but a bit longer.
Perfect for the Iphone 6 or 6 Plus. If you have a large or “rubbery” case on your phone,
remember to move to the next size up.

EXTRA LARGE: Body size is approximately 6 5/8 ” x 4 1/2″ – The biggest size you can get.

All Bust Cubbies are handmade so variations can occur. We strive to keep consistency to
the posted sizes of all Bust Cubbies in an effort to allow uniformity of all our products.

The X Cubby is simply a “cinch top” added to the top of your regular Bust Cubby for extra stay put protection. Check out the scrolling photos at the top of the home page to see an example of the X Cubby! This upgrade is normally only recommended for women who turn upside down (think Yoga, roller coasters or back handsprings!). Most women prefer the regular Bust Cubby without this upgrade because the cinch and cordlock add bulk to the product making it harder to hide the product while wearing inside your bra. When adding the X Cubby upgrade, please also keep in mind that getting products out of your Bust Cubby will be harder and you will have your hands inside your shirt longer. Without this upgrade, you can quickly and discreetly get your essentials in and out of your Bust Cubby. If you have any additional questions about this upgrade, please email us at convenientwonders@comcast.net. We love helping our customers!

All sorts of places! Great for:

Girls Night Out


Sporting Events (NFL legal!)

At the playground with the kids (grab those great photo opportunities!)


Amusement Parks (upgrade to the X Cubby if you are going to be on roller coasters for that extreme stay put security!)

Traveling (add the RF/RFID Shield Insert to keep your credit cards safe from identity theft!)

Casino Nights


The list goes on and on…

So much! Including but not limited to:

Cell phone

Credit card/Drivers License

Mp3 players

Pepper Spray



Insulin Pump (small size fits great!)

Passport (large size only)



Just to name a few…

The Bust Cubby was originally designed to snap to a bra strap or tank top, but don’t let the name fool you! If you aren’t a “put it in your bra” kind of girl, you can snap the Bust Cubby to a Boot Strap,Purse Strap, Belt loop or Lanyard! Watch the scrolling pictures on the home page to see a few different shots of ways to wear your Bust Cubby effectively!

QUICK TIP: When wearing the Bust Cubby on your bra, remember the “Bust Cubby” tag always faces out & your bra strap goes right through the snapped strap! The smaller pocket will be closest to your body.

Because Bust Cubby’s are made to order, all sales are final. However, we want you to LOVE your Bust Cubby so we inspect every order prior to shipping to ensure quality. If you happen to find a defect in your order within 7 calendar days of receipt, please email us at convenientwonders@comcast.net. We will be happy to exchange the item. The exchange will be for the exact same size, type & fabric choice as the original Bust Cubby ordered. No changes can be made from the original order upon exchange on damaged items. There is a lifetime warranty on the snaps of your Bust Cubby strap. If your snap ever comes loose or dislodged, we will repair or replace it (at our discretion). Just put it in a regular envelope and mail it to PO Box 1133, Hixson, TN 37343 with your name, address and phone number included. If you purchased the wrong size, you can exchange your Bust Cubby within 3 calendar days of receipt for a different size (same pattern), subject to additional shipping expense.

While the Bust Cubby is meant for your essentials and not just limited to a cell phone, we know many women like to keep their phones inside their Bust Cubby. We take this subject seriously. While we make no claim to being experts on this matter, there is a wealth of information on the subject from reputable sources. Please see the links below to educate yourself more on the subject. In the meantime, if you are still concerned and you want some extra protection, you can purchase the RF Shield to place inside your Bust Cubby. The 100% Copper Radio frequency shield will not keep you from absorbing all radio frequency waves coming to your phone, however, according to the manufacturer, the Copper fabric used in this shield can block 99.9% of RF signals. It is intended as a shield only to lessen the absorption rate into the body when wearing your cell phone inside the Bust Cubby as well as providing a RF Identity shield for your credit cards. The RF shield should be worn between the body and cell phone only creating a barrier between the phone and the body. If you wear more than one shield, you should ensure you keep both shields together and not “surround” the phone with the RF shields. While it seems like a good idea, it actually does you more harm than good.




Absolutely!  We want to be transparent and honest with our customers.  Take a look!  SGS SAR Report