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Who likes to listen to music when they work out? I know it is a must for me because it keeps me focused and simultaneously distracted enough to complete the task at hand. I have separate playlists for different activities: running outside, running on a treadmill and skiing. Fortunately our Crossfit coaches have the perfect mixes for our workouts and loud speakers so the need for headphones is null and I can use my iPhone to record my WODs using the MyWOD app.

However when I’m running outside on the street or trails to train for a Spartan Race, I’ve alway faced the dilemma of what to do with my phone. I can’t stand to have anything wrapped tight on my arm so the phone cases that you wear on your arm have never worked for me- they just slide down as soon as I sweat and I spend more time stopping to fix them the entire run. For the past few years I have just held onto my phone with a death grip but on more than one occasion it has flown out of my hands and skidded across the pavement. I’ve been fortunate enough to never crack the screen (knock on wood), but my cases always look like they’ve been through a woodchipper. Holding a phone while sweating and running is not a good idea.

A few months ago, a friend of my cousin emailed to let me know about a product she has invented called the Bust Cubby.

Brilliant! This was the perfect solution for what I needed when working out. Not only is its water and sweat resistant liner protect my iPhone, it doesn’t strangle or slide off my sweaty arm. It clips right onto a sports bra or tank top, really anything: belt, purse strap or lanyard.

The Bust Cubby can be used for much more than working out; you can use the Bust Cubby to carry your cell phone, credit cards/driver license, pepper spray, insulin pump, epi-pen, passport, keys, tampons – just about anything you could fit in a wallet! This is a great way to eliminate the need for carrying a purse when you go to girls night out or anywhere that you don’t want to lug a purse.

I’ll be using my Bust Cubby next month when we surprise our kids with a family trip to Disney. There’s no way I want to carry a purse around the park & I just need to carry my phone and Disney card so the Bust Cubby is the perfect solution. I’ll be using the large size because my phone has a giant battery case but I’m giving my mom a medium for her iPhone.

Kelly Smith, the Bust Cubby’s inventor, mother of two and runner, has thought of everything when she developed the Bust Cubby. There is a separate, smaller front pocket to keep ID’s and cash that can also hold an optional radio frequency (RF) shield that blocks 99.9% of the RF signals from your phone (read more FAQs on their page).
If you like to keep things simple when you’re out and about, check out the Bust Cubby to hold your phone and other small items. You can learn more about the Bust Cubby here:

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