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The Birth of Bust Cubby

My wonderful, never boring 64 year old father decided he was putting together a “bucket list” and he was taking me with him on each and every excursion.  The first item on the agenda was going on a zip lining adventure.  I knew my husband was going to have our two small children while I zipped away so I would have to come up with some way to keep my phone close and easily accessible in case he needed me.  The morning before I left for our adventure, I walked past my sewing table and noticed my two year old daughter’s long sleeved, spaghetti stained t-shirt just sitting there waiting for me to do something with it.  The light turned on!  My cell phone fit perfectly inside the sleeve so I cut just enough off to fit my need, ran one end under the sewing machine and voila!  With a few safety pins to secure it to the inside of my bra, I not only successfully held my own phone, but my father’s too!  Several weeks later, I realized it would serve me well while I ran also, so with the addition of a water resistant inner liner, I was off and running without the worry of killing my phone with sweat and body oils.  Believe it or not, it still took several more weeks before I realized I was on to something!  With the encouragement of my family (especially my devoted, loving Mother who has been my rock from day one), a big dose of faith and a small budget for start up, Bust Cubby took off like a shooting star.  My customers have been loyal with many making an effort to come back to let me know just how much they love their’s, all the different things they keep inside and the many circumstances their Bust Cubby has come in handy.  I am excited to watch as my product grows and ladies of all ages are empowered to go hands-free when they need to be!

~ Kelly Smith ~ President, Owner, Designer, Mother, Runner &  Zip Liner

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